Our Website Design Process . . .

Clerical Plus utilizes an efficient design process to conveniently create your website and save you time.  Although Clerical Plus, located in Central New Jersey, would prefer toweb development meet with their clients, all correspondence can be completed via email, U.S. mail and/or phone . . . whatever medium is most convenient for you.   Keep in mind, Clerical Plus can do as little or as much of your website design and implementation as you require . . . from only a basic WordPress install and setup, to website design, to blank/no content page layout implementation, to a fully complete site with all your content . . . you can decide what you want to do verses what you want Clerical Plus to design/implement.

A complete detailed estimate based upon your initial requirements can be provided before the start of any website or custom software implementation.  Upon acceptance of the estimate and receipt of any required fees, our design and implementation process can begin.

Initially, via a meeting or through correspondence, you will need to provide Clerical Plus with:

  • general contact, billing and website information including preferred domain name, current and/or new email accounts
  • your thoughts about your overall vision of your website including: number of static pages, what will be the scope and content of each page, what specific colors to use, will you blog, etc.
  • as much of your website’s content as possible, e.g., business logo, pictures from sales brochures, newspaper and/or yellow page advertisements, any specific page text you may have written

At this time you will also be given a ‘homework’ assignment to select the themes you think you would like to use for your website.

While you select your theme(s), Clerical Plus will register your domain name (if applicable), set up a website hosting service (if applicable) and produce an initial ‘base draft’ of your website based upon your requirements, typically within five business days.   The ‘base draft’ will be used for you to make your final Theme selection and will also include the following 20+ WordPress Plugins.

For all websites, Plugins will be installed to provide:

  • simple and concise website stats with no additional load on your server
  • customizable proofreading service incorporated with your spell checker while composing your pages/posts
  • special shortcode embeds that let you easily embed videos from sites like YouTube
  • easy addition of images to your theme’s sidebar
  • expansion of the WordPress default page/post editor with many more advanced ‘Word-like’ options
  • improved website page performance/user experience
  • easy optimization of your website data files
  • transformation of your website into an application-like theme making it viewable from mobile web browsing devices
  • website security, including a complete anti-virus and firewall package
  • anything else necessary to meet your requirements, e.g., an interactive Google Map, complete website data base maintenance features such as compact, restore and backup,  and/or an easy interface to create a highly customizable and flexible contact form

For all blogging websites, Plugins will be installed to provide:

  • website users the ability to subscribe to your posts and comments and receive a notification via email
  • an easy way to share your pages and/or posts with all the major social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter
  • a pop-up business card of your users’ gravatar profiles in comments
  • social media shortlinks (no long URLs) of all of your pages and posts for easier sharing with others via social media
  • easy addition of your site’s RSS links to your theme’s sidebar
  • checking of submitted comments against a web service to see if they contain spam and flag them as such
  • virus checking of submitted comments to protect your blog from malware and spam injections
  • an easy way to configure and display the Facebook “Like Button” before and/or after each post and/or page
  • submitted comment checking of the most common words used with spam

For any website that wants to be found via search engines, Plugins will be installed to provide:

  • automatic sharing of published content from your pages/posts instantly with search engines
  • automatic SEO optimization of your site or blog
  • generation of a special XML sitemap which will help search engines better index your website
  • free Google services that will monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your website’s presence and provide web analytics to track and report website traffic

You will then review the initial draft of your website and provide Clerical Plus with any desired modifications. Clerical Plus will then complete all of your modifications for your final review, again, within five business days.

Assuming all Clerical Plus modifications were correct and complete, your website will then be turned over to you to blog,  update and/or maintain as desired by you.