Clerical Plus is the “one-stop shopping” website design service provider that will coordinate all aspects of the design and implementation of a WordPress website/blog.

Related to implementing a WordPress website or blog, Clerical Plus will provide you with any of the following services:

  • Website name ( registration
  • Website hosting service selection and setup (including email IDs)
  • Fully optimized website design (including all graphics) and implemented as per your exact business requirements
  • Implementation of a totally responsive website design to provide your visitors with an optimal viewing and interaction experience across any and all devices (i.e., from smart phone to a tablet to a 144” computer monitor) 
  • Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO), specifically tailored to your business location . . . I can, and will get you found on Google – I have proven results that I can share with you . . . anyone can build a website . . . but will it be found . . . that is the question!
  • and if need be, after we have completed your website, post-implementation maintenance

We have over 20 years of web design experience and over 40 years of custom software solution development.

Clerical Plus has implemented scores of website designs.

We employ a simple and straight forward web design philosophy.

Clerical Plus utilizes an efficient website design process to develop your software as per your requirements, in a timely process that’s cost-effective and convenient for you.

We have very simple and reasonable development rates for all of our services.

If after browsing our links you have any questions and/or need more information, feel free to contact us.

Still not convinced that you even need a website or blog in the first place? . . . then visit our Why (You Need a Website) page for further justification.