WordPress Website Design, Maintenance & Local SEO Services

Clerical Plus is the “one-stop shopping” WordPress website design service provider that will coordinate all aspects of the design and implementation of your WordPress website/blog.  We mainly service clients from Branchburg NJ, Somerset County NJ and all of Central NJ.

Related to implementing a WordPress website or blog, Clerical Plus will provide you with any of the following services:

  • Website name (YourWebsiteName.com) registration
  • Website hosting service selection and setup (including email IDs)
  • Fully optimized website design (including all graphics) implemented as per your exact business requirements
  • Implementation of a totally responsive website design to provide your visitors with an optimal viewing and interaction experience across any and all devices (i.e., from a smart phone to a tablet to a 144” computer monitor) 
  • Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO), specifically tailored to your business location (i.e., Local SEO) . . . We can, and will get you found on Google, through organic searches (i.e., free! . . . no paying hundreds of dollars for GoogleAdWords).  We have proven results that we can share with you.  Anyone can build a website these days . . . but will it be found? . . . that is the question!
  • After we have completed your website, post-implementation maintenance and Local SEO to keep your site optimized and ‘Google friendly’, so you continue to be found for free organically

We have over 23 years of web design/implementation experience, over 40 years of custom software solution development and over 12 years of Local SEO expertise.  In ‘web time’, that’s a lot of experience!

Clerical Plus has implemented scores of website.

We employ a simple and straight forward web design philosophy.

Clerical Plus utilizes an efficient website design process to develop your software as per your requirements, in a timely process that’s cost-effective and convenient for you. We incorporate Local SEO when we are building your website . . . not after the fact like most website developers/builders/developers do.

We have very simple and reasonable development rates for all of our services . . . and, as you will see, unlike most other website developers/builders/designers, we list all of our rates upfront and are totally transparent.  Clerical Plus’s hourly and website implementation rates are typically 1/2 what others charge, with a multitude of free services included. We work by verbal or email agreement . . . no written contracts to sign . . . typically no money up front (I only ask for money up front if I really do not know you/you are not a referral) . . . and no $1000s retainer fee up for our maintenance/SEO services (also very rare, especially for SEO service, as most SEO provider ask for $1000s up front).  With any website implementation, if at any time you are not 101% happy or satisfied with our service, you can walk away, no questions asked (but of course I may remove any work I have implemented).  As for the Clerical Plus monthly maintenance and SEO service . . . we service monthly and bill quarterly, and again, you can walk away at any time, no questions asked. You should know up front, Clerical Plus has NEVER lost a client (but I have dropped two due to payment issues).

If after reviewing our site you have any questions and/or need more information, feel free to contact us.  Even if you are not ready to create your website but have questions, no problem, contact me.

Still not convinced that you even need a website or blog in the first place? . . . then visit our Why (You Need a Website) page for further justification.

. . .and finally, see what some of our clients say about Clerical Plus and our Affordable, Reliable and Knowledgeable service and support . . . you should also know that we have never lost a WordPress customer . . . never.

Please note: We do not do eCommerce websites anymore . . . why? . . . they require 24×7 support and I would have to greatly increase my rates . . . two things I really don’t want to do now, at this stage of my life.

Located in Branchburg NJ, Clerical Plus will build your WordPress website from anywhere in the country, however, for personal service at your place of business, we travel to any location in Somerset County NJ and Central NJ.