Our Website Design Rates . . .

Clerical Plus utilizes a simple and affordable website design and implementation fees are as below.  When reviewing our fees, keep in mind that as of the fall of 2018, the average price of a professionally built website in Central New Jersey was well over $1000 (the nerve of some of these ‘professional’ website service providers – that’s just robbery):

Service  Fee
 domain name (YourWebsite.com) registration at a reputable, dependable company with simple and reasonable rates  FREE domain registration service, however, there is a per year fee of under $11.00 — this fee is required before service is provided and is non-refundable . . . or you can register your domain name yourself, below
 website hosting selection and setup at a reputable, dependable company with simple and reasonable rates  FREE selection and setup, however there will be the website hosting service provider’s monthly, quarterly or yearly service fee – we are working with a hosting service that has FREE setup at an initial monthly fee of less than $6.00 (that’s only 20 cents a day!), and includes: unlimited website space and bandwidth; unlimited email accounts, forwarding options and auto responders — this fee is required before service is provided and is non-refundable . . . or you can purchase your website hosting service yourself, below
 website design & implementation
  • 3 page website package – $499.00
  • 4 page website package – $599.00
  • 5 page website package – $689.00
  • 6 page website package – $769.00
  • 7 page website package – $839.00
  • 8 page website package – $899.00
  • 9 or more pages at $50 each additional page

This includes any of the following types of pages: Home, About, Contact, Experience, FAQ, Location (with an interactive map), Rates, Philosophy, Privacy Policy, Process, Products, Sample Work Pages, Services, Terms of Service, Testimonials . . . and/or any other web page your business requires . . . and for any page, this includes unlimited text, graphics, images (which will be optimized to decrease web page load times) and WWW or email hyperlinks

 WordPress software  FREE installation and setup of the browser based online website creation tool
 responsive website design  over 1400 FREE designs to choose from — we do not utilize “premium” themes, thus keeping your websites costs to a minimum
 Search Engine Optimization (SEO), contact form, sitemap, website backup/restore, database optimization, security and enhanced editor plugin software  FREE — we do not utilize “premium” plugins, thus keeping your websites costs to a minimum
 Local SEO research, via Google website developer tools, for the top keywords to utilize in your website for the service you provide, so your site is found post implementation  FREE
 set up with various Google website services that will monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your website’s presence and provide web analytics to track and report website traffic  FREE
 website Favicon  FREE
 reCAPTCHA on your contact page form  FREE
 installation and setup of any additional WordPress plugin needed to meet your website requirements (as per Our implementation Process page)  FREE (we maintain an extensive cross listing of free plugins)
 implement (SEO) ‘friendly’ pages  FREE – including a post-implementation checklist of tasks for you to perform to increase your Search engine rankings/placement
 training so you can maintain your website and update its content, if requested  FREE via an onsite one-on-one visit to your business and/or a step-by-step document guide – only good for one (1) site visit
 post website implementation maintenance  $60.00 per hour (minimum charge <=25 minutes/$25.00)
 post website implementation – monthly maintenance to keep your site running 100% efficiently and Local SEO optimized  $80 to $100 max (time dependent), which includes a monthly report of all of the following:

  • review of Google’s index to your site and Google search checks of your primary keyword results, compared to your previous month’s results
  • perform any pending updates of your base WordPress software, plugins and themes
  • updates to various pages of your website, so it stays ‘fresh”, and notification of the updates are then sent to Google and Bing so your site is re-indexed
  • website files cleaned of any incomplete updates
  • database/all tables cleaned and optimized
  • clear all caches/temporary page storage at site
  • testing of all website pages to insure they still render in a timely fashion and layout correctly (especially after any theme updates)
  • testing of all external links to insure they are still correct/working
  • contact form testing, including reCAPTCHA, if installed

and if applicable (depending on your hosting package and plugins installed)

  • check of the website firewall and nightly malware scan – review of any new security notifications found
  • backup of your entire site

NOTE: if this service is for a site I have not implemented, I will install any necessary (free) plugins to perform the above mentioned functionality, and there will be a 4 to 8 hour set-up fee (time dependent), which includes Local SEO keyword research and setup

Clerical Plus’ website design service is very affordable and complete, with numerous FREE services included, unlike our competitors.

A complete detailed estimate, for your review and acceptance, can be provided before the start of any website design/r custom or Local SEO implementation.

The following are links to the Clerical Plus approved . . .

Service Link
 the most-bang-for-the-buck domain name registrar I have found/I am using Namecheap.com
  the most-bang-for-the-buck website hosting service I have found/I am using Namecheap.com
 my personal choice for the number  one Windows operating system clean-up and optimize tool . . . I have been using it since Windows 6 . . . and I have never had to back-out a change it made Get 50% off System Mechanic Pro, System Mechanic or System Mechanic Business. Coupon code: AF50iolo